Friday, February 15, 2013

Home Made Gift For Candy Lovers

Let me just say how hard it is to find a gift for any of the men in my life.
One thing they always love is candy. I could buy hats, shirts, or any other stuff like that but it never gets used. So I found something on Pinterest I could make very easy.
All you need is:
Some of their favorite candy
Empty glass jar with a lid (make sure you remove the label. I did it with fingernail polish remover)
Paint Brushes

So basically all I did was paint the words 'We Love You To Pieces' because well it is Reese's Pieces.
I also painted the lid because it had the label of pickle brand on it. You could also tie a ribbon around it, come up with some other quirky line to go with the brand of candy, or find a website that lets you print off a label and skip the paint all together.
I also let my kids paint a separate jar and filled it with Reese's Cups and then painted the words 'We Love You Daddy'. They had fun and it washed off easy.
Play around and have fun. I would love to hear some ideas or cute catch phrases for other brands of candy.

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