Monday, January 7, 2013

Top Things Moms Will Need in the Diaper Bag

When I was a new mom I had no idea what to pack in a diaper bag.
I asked friends and family and everyone packed different stuff.
Now as an experienced mom of two I have some tips on the top things I pack in mine.

  1. Diapers - I pack at least 3 for my 1 year old now, but with a newborn I would pack a few more. They go through more diapers because they pee more often.
  2. Wipes - They can be used for a lot more than wiping butts. Clean off hands, faces, feet, boogers, to blow your nose, wipe up spilled stuff, and etc. You get the point multiple uses.
  3. Change of Clothes (including socks) - Anything can happen. They could throw up, pee or poop out the side of their diaper, pull the nipple out of the bottle (if bottle fed), take off their socks, or get food on their clothes. I have had to buy a set of clothes at the store because I forgot to pack some after my son pulled his nipple out and dumped the bottle on him and all over the floor at Walmart.
  4. Pacifiers -  If they take a pacifier pack extra. Sometimes they like to throw them out on the floor and you don't want to put it back in unless you have washed it at home and some moms boil them.
  5. Bottles, Formula, and Sippy Cup - Seems kind of obvious for a baby (if bottle fed) but I have walked off and left the formula at home. Sippy Cup if old enough for one.
  6. Changing Pad - You don't want to lay your baby on one of these germ infested changing tables in public. Most diaper bags come with one inside or you can purchase a separate one.
  7. Burp Clothes and Bibs - You will need those at each feeding to help keep baby formula, breast milk, baby food, and regular food of you your baby's clothes and your clothes.
  8. Baby Ibuprofen or Baby Tylenol and Gas Drops - A lot of people don't mention this but a fever could show up or they could be teething. They can also have belly pain and it can be from gas. It is always good to have this just in case.
  9. Rash Cream - A rash can show any time better to have it than not.
  10. Toys -  To keep little hands entertained.
  11. Nursing Cover - If breast fed.
  12. Stuff Mom Needs -  Diaper bags aren't just for baby and toddlers. Put things you need like make up and tampons. I also keep my wallet, phone, and insurance card for doctors appointments.
Now each mom is different. If you breast feed or bottle feed you each need different things.
If I missed something you think is important please leave a comment. I am interested in what other moms put in their bag.

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